• The Easy Way to Know Accurate Water Temperatures

      • Know the accurate temperature in your baitwell, livewell and the waters you are fishing
      • High-sensitivity, fast response temperature sensing (-13 to 140 degrees F)
      • Ability to name devices, such as “livewell port” and “baitwell starboard,” in multiple installation locations for easy reference (this feature is available on select devices)
      • Robust mechanical design is easy to install
      • Plug-and-play integration with NMEA 2000® network

      Fishermen, both freshwater and saltwater, need to keep accurate tabs on the temperatures in their baitwells, livewells and the waters they are fishing. The GTEMP10-TH is the perfect solution. This high-sensitivity, fast response thru-hull temperature sensor provides NMEA 2000 data with the ability to name each device location, such as “livewell port” or “baitwell starboard,” when used in multiple installations. It has a robust mechanical design that is easy to install, and it’s built to last even in harsh saltwater environments. Smooth, flush bottom design decreases turbulence in thru-hull installations. Connects easily with simple plug-and-play integration to your NMEA 2000 network.

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