Roof premium bottom hung window (light), remotely controlled


Remote controlled VELUX INTEGRA® roof window, lacquered wood. It comes with a touch-screen control panel that lets you control windows and accessories such as curtains, sunshades, and blinds from anywhere in the home. The built-in rain sensor automatically closes the window when it rains. There are models that work with both electric and solar power. This is the best solution if the skylight is installed high or if you want to have the comfort. The roof window’s top handle has an integrated ventilation valve that allows room ventilation even when the window is closed. Suitable for curtain installation. As an extra convenience, the window can be used electrically. ThermoTechnology ™ for better heat retention, special seal for air tightness. Laminated glass unit provides good sound insulation, inter alia by dampening traffic noise and weather sounds. The Premium Series Skylight has exclusive design and ergonomic handle. Heat-resistant triple-glazed unit, total window thermal resistance Uw 1.1. Warranty 10 years.

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Please let us know how could we improve our e-shop?
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