Garden panel 3D 5mm RAL6005


    The garden panel 3D 5mm RAL6005 is horizontal and vertical wires welded together. V reinforcements are pressed in to add reinforcement. The vertical wires from the top edge of the panel are 25mm above the horizontal wire, making climbing difficult for both humans and animals.

    Mesh size: 50x200mm.
    Horizontal wire diameter: 5mm.
    Vertical wire diameter: 5mm.
    Panel length: 2500mm.
    Surface treatment: galvanized + powder paint: RAL6005

    Welded panels are used as a fence where the fence is required to be highly resistant to penetrating forces or, conversely, to keep a large dog in the garden. Suitable for railings with high security requirements.
    Welded panels do not require aftercare and can be removed and replaced if necessary. The panels are sold as 2500 mm wide elements.


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