The following safety equipment and tools can be inspected and repaired through our company Abilis OÜ:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Life jackets
  • Trapid
  • Lifting equipment

Fire extinguisher


It is very important that the fire extinguisher is inspected in a timely manner. Because a working fire extinguisher can save lives in the event of a fire. If the frequency of inspection of the fire extinguisher has not been specified by the manufacturer, the fire extinguisher shall be inspected: once a year if exposed to moisture, vibration or temperature fluctuations (eg. car fire extinguisher) once every two years if stored in a dry and uniform temperature ( eg. office).

Read more: Requirements for fire extinguishers

Life jacket

In the case of self-inflating lifejackets, the maintenance period specified by the manufacturer must be observed. If a maintenance period is not specified, we recommend inspecting the vest annually after purchase. The lifejacket should be inspected even if it has not been used or has not been opened during the period of use. Your life jacket should be checked before going to sea. Inspect all important vest parts and mechanisms.


Through our company, you can pass inspection and, if necessary, order repair of a ladder.

Lifting equipment


Inspection of fixing and lifting equipment. We accept for inspection: fastening chains, fastening ropes, container fastening devices, sawn timber slings, load fixing straps.