Ground Cover 100g/m2


    AGRO textile material – used for separating soil layers, strengthening the driveway. Material, stones and mulch are placed on it.
    Designed for use in greenhouses and outdoors, it is suitable for both home users and professional growers.

    Absorbs sunlight – inhibits weed growth, reduces moisture evaporation in the soil – this is important during dry periods,

    Resistant to diseases and bacteria, UV-resistant – longer life, waterproof,

    Significantly reduces the time required for maintenance to mark the rows of the woven strip.


    Landscaping of gardens and parks;
    Growing of vegetables and fruits;
    Growing of ornamental plants and trees;
    Landscaping of public places;
    In gardens, nurseries, garden centers;
    It is the basis for many different materials (mulch, gravel, sand, etc.)