Estonian Cruising Guide


    The Estonian Cruising Guide contains 48 entrance instructions, diagrams, aerial photos, port service descriptions and contacts of Estonian small harbors. The book also contains general recommendations for navigating in Estonian waters, charts of more complicated waterways in the Väinameri, a table of distances between guest harbors, and telephone numbers and radio calls for maritime rescue, first aid and other important maritime duties.

    This book is an indispensable aid for all recreational seafarers and seafarers who want to sail on a boat, visit small harbors or cross Estonian sea areas on a longer sea voyage. It is not necessary for the yacht captain to elaborate on the nature of the Cruising Guide, but the book also provides useful and interesting information such as a kayak rider, sailboat or recreational fisherman. But why not just coasters or holidaymakers by the sea.

    By: Hillar Kukk and Jaano Martin Ots
    Publisher: Estonian Small Port Development Center
    Release year: 2015
    Book Format: Hardcover
    Pages: 176
    Dimensions: 240×165

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