Maritime Sports Society of Saaremaa


    The central organization here is the local sailing company Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society, or SMS, which was established in 1926. after the Estonians split from the Kuressaare Yacht Club founded by Baltic Germans (liquidated in 1940). SMS has also not worked consistently – during the Soviet times, various organizations had to sail. Only after Estonia regained its independence was it possible to sail again under the name SMS. In addition to the photographs, the most colorful part of the work is the memories of those involved in sailing in Saaremaa, interwoven between the main texts. The work is intended for anyone interested in sailing history.

    ISBN 9789949187751
    Published in 2009
    The language is Estonian
    Format Hardcover
    Pages 212 pages
    Dimensions 246x176x19 (mm)

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