Easy-to-Read Bernard Cornwell is the author of the successful Sharpe stories. The cover of the book is made by Geoff Hunt, a member of the British Royal Mariners’ Association.

    Sailor Johnny loves the sea and describes in detail the sailing and his own yacht Sunflower. He has been sailing the world for four years and returns home to England on his mother’s death bed. As the head of a noble family, he has to start leading the family, with the only remaining property being the famous land that he is accused of stealing. Some want to forcibly buy or rob this treasure.
    Adventures evolve into criminal and bloody, and it’s hard to figure out who is a sincere friend, the love of life, and the money-hungry murderer. Attacks on honor, loved one and life ruin every man, but in the veins of Count Johnny of Stowey, the blood of an eight-century-old robbing baron flows and craves revenge.
    The activity is taking place in modern times.

    By: Bernard Cornwell
    Release year: 2015
    Language: Estonian
    Book Format: Paperback
    Pages: 376
    Dimensions: 180x110x28

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