Rainwater system


    Rainwater systems drain water from the roof. The main components of the rainwater system are the water gutters and downpipes. The dimensions and number of gutters are primarily influenced by the shape and area of the roof. The location of the gutter and the pipes must always be considered in such a way that the water load is distributed as evenly as possible between the parts of the system and the gutters and pipes are placed as naturally as possible in the appearance of the house. The usual pipe locations are in the corners of the house.

    For a 10 m long eave, one downhole is sufficient. For longer eaves lengths, use two gutter descents. The gutters are mounted with gutter hooks on the eaves box at a slight slope (5 mm inclination per meter of gutter). Use pipe clamps to attach the pipes to the wall. Pipe clips are available for both stone and wood walls.